Friday, December 1, 2023

The topic of technology never ceases to inspire hot debates all over the world. The nature of technology’s takeover in every aspect of our lives divides opinion like nothing else. A good chunk of people believe that technology enhances the quality of our lives and enables us to unlock unimaginable levels of productivity, but then there is this other share of people who cling on to their belief that technology is making us dangerously dependant on it, therefore its cons edge its pros. We’ll never know which side is right, but it’s fair to say that some of the leaders in the construction tech industry have it all figured out. They have learnt how to use technology in a way that serves them the best, and they haven’t looked back since then. Gone are the days when the usual construction process used to be viewed as tiresome, and more often than not, wasteful. Harnessing the potential of technology at our disposal, we are heading into something that can be called as more prolific in terms of end product as well as financial makeup. This is turned into a possibility by the aforementioned leaders who have chipped in their contribution at every corner, and have opened fresh realms of innovation that were never fathomed before. Their ambition to propel the industry forward has blazed the path for the new generation of companies who have a world of possibilities in front of them to conquer.




  • CEO– Andrew Anagnost
  • HQ: San Rafael , CA

Autodesk is an American origin software provider. The company mainly deals with fields like engineering, construction, architecture, manufacturing, and education etc.

Command Alkon

  • CEOPhil Ramsey
  • HQ: Birmingham, AL

A company founded and run by a team with a collective of 45 years of “hands-on, in-the-trenches experience” Command Alkon today has customers in over 70 countries worldwide.


  • CTO– Kip Rapp
  • HQ: Alpharetta, GA

Concora is a web experience platform that helps to build material providers to showcase and alter their products to the specific needs of AECs.


  • MD– Craig Halliday
  • HQ: Austin, Texas

A cloud-based, construction-specific CRM and proposal generation platform that goes much beyond that is what Cosential is. Cosential will find the best prospects, use internal expertise, consider the past of connections, create successful plans, assemble teams, and speed the offering process significantly.

Digital Construction work

  • Cofounder: Ted Lamboo
  • HQ: Exton, PA
Digital Construction Works is a leading digital integration services and solutions company helping to implement various digital twin and infrastructure information management processes, accelerate the adoption and use of project digital workflows, implement best practices, and, if needed, integrate the right combination of third-party technology to improve construction planning, design-build, operations, and project outcomes. 


  • CEO: Mike Yaroslos
  • HQ: Alberta, Canada 

At ENGAGE they strive to put the control of the project back into the hands of owners from the existing EPC/EPCM model where the owner is merely a passive observer. The foundation of the company is in the ‘four pillars of success” they believe in, namely Safety, Quality, Cost, and Schedule.

HBS System

  • CEO: Chad Ston
  • HQ: Richardson, Tx

HBS Systems offers more than 1,500 equipment dealerships in the U.S. and Canada they have developed groundbreaking web-based equipment dealerships and leasing management systems and customer support applications. Their powerful application features are built to streamline the whole business.

Innotech Construction

  • CEO: Ashley Shreve
  • HQ: Idaho Falls, Idaho

InnoTech Construction is leading the world with creative building projects, reducing the domestic grid load, reducing greenhouse emissions, and reducing demand for dwindling natural resources, such as coal, oil, and gas.


  • CEO: Geoff Ryan
  • HQ:  Kemah, TX

At the core of what the company does is AWP- Advanced Work Packaging, a new method of designing and planning a construction project to improve project performance. The company’s 15+ years of experience in 50+ projects evolved them into natural leaders in AWP.


  • President: Jackson Renouf
  • HQ: St George, UT

Maptraq LLC is the software tailored for the telecom industry for construction management. Track real-time imagery, production, GPS sites, crews, and machinery. Their objective is to provide the whole telecommunications project management solution from the initial outset to closing papers


  • CEO: Alan Zavian
  • HQ: Studio City, CA

Since 1998, Planetbids has continued to help its customers streamline conventional time-intensive sourcing procedures while gaining better control and exposure in terms of spending. Their full line of award-winning, value-based and proprietary eProcurement technologies is delivered in an array, easy-to-use, comprehensive, consistent, and stable modules.


  • CEO: Kevin Priddy
  • HQ:West Palm Beach, FL

PlanHub is a cloud-based digital bidder platform for general contractors and subcontractors. At PlanHub, They understand that for general contractors, it is essential to get as many skilled offers from subcontractors as possible. Likewise, for sub-contractors, the platform allows bidding on the available projects

Procore Technologies

  • CEO: Tooey Courtemanche
  • HQ: Carpinteria, CA

Procore Technologies, Inc. supplies customers worldwide with cloud-based building applications. Hundreds of thousands of registered Procore customers oversee all aspects of construction projects, from factory works, office towers, apartment complexes, academic campuses, retail shops, and more through their award-winning suite of project management solutions

Propeller Aerobotics

  • CEO: Rory San Miguel
  • HQ: NSW, Australia

Visualizing the data is the need of the hour for constructors. It allows them to answer critical questions about their site’s progress, productivity, work quality, and safety. Propeller creates tools and software for construction companies, mines, quarries, and landfills to collect, process, and visualize accurate survey data.

SBT Alliance

  • CEO: Benjamin Buchanan
  • HQ: Long Beach, CA

Smart Building Technologies (SBT) Alliance redefines the long-term growth, deployment, and funding for energy-efficient and IoT-based control projects. They launch, sustain, and amplify intelligent systems quicker and with less headache, by combining the strengths of their internal divisions

The Access Group

  • CEOCarol Massay
  • HQ: Hertfordshire,UK

The group’s creative cloud infrastructure Access Workspace improves the way enterprise software is used, empowering all staff the ability to do more. Efficient, self-service apps meet individual versatility requirements without affecting corporate efficiency. Everyone operates more successfully together with Access business tools.

TMI Solutions

  • CEO: Johnny Blevins
  • HQ: George West, TX

TMI Solutions LLC was founded to bring category expertise, technology, and innovation to all heavy industries. With over 250 years of combined industry experience, combined with ingenuity and creativity, we provide state-of-the-art services utilizing digital solutions.

Trade Hounds

  • CEO: David Broomhead
  • HQ: Boston, MA

Trade Hounds is America’s largest, construction specialist, recruitment platform. More than 200,000 Electricians, Carpenters, Plumbers, HVAC Technicians, Welders / Pipefitters, Heavy Equipment Operators, and 27+ categories of trade people have registered with Trade Hound.


  • Co-CEO: John Malloy
  • HQ: Easton, PA

Victaulic’s products are used in some of the world’s most demanding markets and for some of the most challenging piping applications. Beyond being a product solutions provider, They aim to be a partner for the life of any build by offering service solutions to facilitate your project.

Work Sense

  • CEO: Canyon Dell’Omo
  • HQ: Los Angeles, CA

WorkerSense, Inc. offers one of the comprehensive analytical systems in the building industry to contractors of any scale. Hundreds of data points are collected by their custom hard hat-mounted sensors every minute. These include warnings and reports distributed over SMS, email, and iOS.

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