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Enterprise asset management (EAM) is a set of software, systems, and services used to manage and control operational assets and equipment. The goal is to improve asset quality and utilization throughout their lives, enhance productive uptime, and lower operating expenses. Work management, asset maintenance, planning and scheduling, supply chain management, and environmental, health, and safety (EHS) efforts are all part of enterprise asset management. EAM is essential because it helps organizations track, assess, manage, and optimize asset quality and reliability. Organizations of all kinds have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of assets. EAM aims to enhance asset/equipment lifespans, decrease expenses, optimize asset quality and usage, boost efficiency, and improve safety. Find out more about EAM and what it can do for your business. Today, billions of assets need to be tracked in real-time. Processes require constant monitoring, maintenance, and optimization. The whole enterprise needs this! Asset management trends are changing rapidly and are ready to answer the call for digital transformation.

Organizations should then look to marry the right personnel with solutions that digitize manual maintenance processes and leverage powerful data to predict when assets will fail, automatically recommending and facilitating corrective steps. Today’s EAM tools enable proactive decision-making that enables improved safety, optimized labor and material management, and enhanced capital budget planning. They also rely on asset performance management to analyze the extensive amount of data they collect and then drive automated processes in response.

However, with hundreds of different options in the marketplace, it can be overwhelming to figure out which system is the best.  To make this process more streamlined, our team of researchers, analysts, and editorial team has shortlisted a set of companies that stand out from the crowd. The companies included in the list offer some of the most innovative as well as exclusive solutions that could create an impact in the Enterprise Asset Management sector.


President & CEO : Stuart Hudson
HQ: Austin, TX
Website: agileassets.com

AgileAssets is a leading global provider of enterprise infrastructure asset management software for government and private organizations. We helped pioneer the asset management market in the early 1990s and have continued to expand the field globally for more than 25 years.


President & CEO : Timothy D. Garcia
HQ: Irving, TX
Website: apptricity.com

The leader in global real-time asset management, Apptricity provides continuous asset tracking and supply chain solutions with the most secure, accurate, and dependable asset monitoring and data intelligence available. We place our clients at the center of all we do, providing them with uninterrupted global access to mission critical information in real time.

Asset Panda

Founder & CEO: Rex Kurzius
HQ:  Frisco, TX
Website: assetpanda.com

Asset Panda’s highly configurable asset tracking and management software allow users to replace spreadsheets, barcode scanners, and expensive software with a single cloud-based system. In addition to asset management, it optimizes and streamlines everything from auditing to facilities management, calibration tracking, and so much more.


Executive Chairman & CEO: Kevin Kemmerer
HQ: Cary, NC

Website: brightlysoftware.com 

Brightly, Siemens company is the global leader in intelligent asset management solutions – because we know that smarter assets drive more sustainable communities.​ Brightly pairs its complete suite of intuitive software – including CMMS, EAM, Strategic Asset Management, IoT Remote Monitoring, Sustainability, and Community Engagement – with tailored consultancies and award-winning support services to light the way to a bright future where we can all thrive.  


Founder & CEO: Raj Jalan
HQ: West Haven, CT
Website: device42.com

Device42 was founded on the premise that accurate visibility across the entire IT stack end-to-end is the foundation to be able to do everything else. Device42 delivers comprehensive, high-value solutions that help companies automatically maintain an up-to-date inventory of their IP- and non-IP assets, whether physical, logical, or virtual, while seamlessly integrating with their existing service management and DevOps toolsets.


CEO: Dan Drum
HQ: Carson City, NV
Website: hardcat.com

Hardcat Pty Ltd commonly known as Hardcat is a wholly-owned Australian company. We are widely regarded as a world leader in asset and evidence management, with a presence via wholly-owned subsidiaries in the USA, UK, and Africa. Hardcat develops in-house the celebrated Hardcat SM Enterprise, Hardcat® Lebosi® Enterprise, Law Enforcement software, and Property and Evidence management solutions.

IT Glue

GM & CT: Nadir Merchant
HQ: Vancouver, Canada
Website: itadmin.itglue.com/future

IT Glue is the first documentation solution that is purpose-built by IT pros that consolidates asset management, passwords and SOPs in one, and from an IT perspective rather than a procurement or finance perspective. 


President & CEO : Kirk Knauff
HQ: Atlanta, GA
Website: kaleris.com

Kaleris is a leading provider of cloud-based supply chain execution and visibility technology solutions. Many of the world’s largest brands rely on Kaleris to provide mission-critical technology for yard management, transportation management, maintenance and repair operations, terminal operating systems, and ocean carrier and vessel solutions. By consolidating supply chain execution software assets across major nodes and modes, we address the dark spots and data gaps that cause friction and inefficiency in the global supply chain.


Co-Founder & CEO: Vikram Takru
HQ: Sunnyvale, CA
Website: kloudgin.com

KloudGin is the only combined, cloud field service and asset management solution on a single easy-to-use platform.
KloudGin was started with the simple but powerful mission to deliver information to workers where and when they need it. We believe that when technology makes workers’ lives easier, productivity skyrockets.


CEO: Ed Garibian
HQ: Springfield, MA
Website: llumin.com

LLumin develops innovative operations software to manage and track assets in industrial factories, municipalities, and universities. The company’s founder, executives, and designers bring decades of experience and enthusiasm to the development of leading-edge asset and materials management software that improves productivity and enhances safety and compliance. With a company culture that unifies everyone and core values that focus on customer needs, LLumin has been able to evolve and thrive.

NEXGEN Asset Management

President & CEO: Vincent Yee
HQ: Sacramento, CA
Website: nexgenam.com

NEXGEN’s category-defining Asset Management Intelligence is built by engineering, technology, and management experts for industry and municipal leaders. Our sole purpose is to provide the actionable insights and foresight to effect meaningful, strategic change through lifecycle planning and risk mitigation across your organization.


Co-Founder & CEO: Daniel Emmerson
HQ: New York, NY
Website: openasset.com

OpenAsset is the number one project-based Digital Asset Management solution for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate firms. OpenAsset is a fast-growing B2B SaaS company, helping over 700 companies in the global AEC. OpenAsset is a cloud DAM (digital asset management) that helps companies manage high-quality marketing digital assets (images, videos, documents) around projects, properties, and people. We help our clients store, find, use and share digital assets to improve marketing productivity.


Founder & CEO: Eistein Fosli
HQ: Houston, TX
Website: openit.com

Open iT Inc. is a provider of advanced hardware & software usage reporting and optimization solutions.Open iT provides advanced metering and reporting solutions to help companies and institutions make smarter decisions on managing software licenses.

RF Code

CEO: Dale Quayle
HQ: Austin, TX
Website: rfcode.com

Founded in 1997, RF Code is based in Austin, Texas, with offices and partners around the world. Our automated, real-time asset management, environmental monitoring, and power monitoring data center services eliminate the need for costly and error-prone manual processes. With our patented wire-free active RFID sensors, open APIs, and real-time reporting capabilities, RF Code is easily integrated with existing IT, facilities, and business systems, creating mission-critical value throughout the asset lifecycle, so you can save money, increase efficiency, avoid downtime, and ensure regulatory compliance.

SEAM Group

CEO: Colin Duncan
HQ: Beachwood, OH
Website: seamgroup.com

SEAM Group is a global, energized asset optimization leader focused on optimizing asset safety, reliability, and maintenance for more than 500 active clients operating in multiple industries and markets around the world..SEAM Group is an outsourced safety solutions partner that provides companies with best-in-class electrical and workplace safety services.

Sigga Technologies

CEO: Stephen Timms
HQ: Sugar Land, TX
Website: sigga.com

Sigga provides SAP-certified mobile enterprise applications. Its mobility suite includes maintenance and field services, warehouse and inventory management, EAM business analytics, and custom mobile forms applications.


CEO: Ryan Chan
HQ: Los Angels, CA
Website: upkeep.com

UpKeep is a service-first company that builds software designed to make maintenance easier for technicians and managers everywhere. Employees are driven to make the best product possible. As a company, we strive to make the best experience for maintenance technicians possible. The UpKeep software is powerful and can fit the needs of any maintenance business.


CEO: Matthew Gonnering
HQ: Boston, MA
Website: widen.com

Widen is part of Acquia, a digital experience company that empowers thousands of the world’s most ambitious brands to create powerful customer experiences. Acquia’s industry-leading open digital experience platform (DXP) enables marketers, developers, and IT teams to rapidly compose and deploy digital products and services that engage customers, enhance brand awareness, and drive conversions. 


CEO: Oskar Fosker
HQ: Stockholm, Sweden
Website: xensam.com

Xensam offers a complete product suite in Software Asset Management that helps organizations manage their software/hardware estate, and reduce license costs.

Wasp Barcode Technologies

CEO: Lynn Lee
HQ: Plano, TX
Website: waspbarcode.com

Wasp Barcode Technologies has been the leading provider of complete barcode solutions, specializing in inventory management and asset tracking technologies, serving organizations of all sizes and across the globe. Wasp began with the desire to provide easy, straightforward, and error-free tracking solutions for SMBs.

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