Friday, December 1, 2023

The implications of digitization are also evident in the field of education and have contributed to significant shifts in the way education is taught and consumed. Rotary learning and confidence in written content or book-based learning are quickly becoming functions of the past. Until the end of the last century, India’s education system has been working on conventional classroom-based instruction, where students have not been granted the ability to engage in immersive sessions. In order to meet the demands of changing times, it has become important to make ideas simpler and students confident enough to cope internationally. With technology expanding to the education sector, the traditional classroom, once marked by dull hour-long sessions, is now turned into an interesting, fun-filled environment. Digital education has made life easier for both students and educators. eLearning, without a doubt, has fixed its roots in the surface of education. With the increasing speed of internet connections, opportunities for multimedia training have arisen. Even social media has had a great impact on education and is evolving it constantly.

Learning and educating can be very expensive, time-consuming and does not guarantee results, but eLearning has the baggage of solutions to every possible problem. The idea of e-learning is to empower learners to absorb personal accomplishments, basic schooling, or to obtain a degree certificate without actually attending the school, university, or any other academic institute. Another idea is to apply e-learning to all levels of schooling to ensure students grasp the lessons adequately.

To make this process more streamlined, our team of researchers, analyzers, and Enterprise Viewpoints magazine editorial team have shortlisted a team of companies that stand out from the crowd. This special edition features some of the most innovative and cutting-edge solution providers who are creating an impact in the industry.

Artisan E-Learning

President: Amy Morrisey
HQ: Atlantic Beach, FL

Artisan E-Learning provides customized e-learning development, templates, prototypes, translation, and localization services. E-Learning Uncovered, provides how-to books, free developer resources, training classes, and consulting to help learn how to do it all yourself!

Blue Sky eLearn

Co-Founder & CEO: Mingsheng Hong
HQ: San Diego, CA

Empowering organizations to educate and inspire is our passion. With our cutting-edge learning management system (LMS), hundreds of organizations connect to millions of lifelong learners across industries worldwide. Our robust and easy-to-manage solutions allow you to organize, track and monetize your virtual events and educational content for maximum impact.

d’Vinci Interactive

CEO: Luke Kempski
HQ: Hagerstown, MD

d’Vinci is an e-learning platform that revolutionizes learning experiences and educational websites to achieve extraordinary outcomes. With 25+ years of eLearning development experience, an extensive portfolio, and numerous industry awards, we are a leader where learning and technology converge.


President & CEO : Murad Velani
HQ: Youngstown, OH


Echo360 is the leading interactive video learning, content management, engagement, and assessment company serving over two million instructors, trainers, and learners at more than 2,000 companies, educational, and government institutions in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

ELB Learning

Co-Founder & CEO : Andrew Scivally
HQ: American Fork, UT

ELB Education provides visual collaboration and unified communication products, services and solutions to the education sector. For over a decade, eLearning Brothers had a vision to create a best-in-class learning company. In 2020, this vision exploded as they were able to start acquiring industry-leading learning technology and service companies.

Epignosis learning technologies

Co-Founder & CEO : Thanos Papangelis
HQ: Francisco, CA

Epignosis is a learning technology vendor that aims to democratize learning by making premium eLearning technology accessible and affordable. The company develops a suite of products that support learning and talent development for organizations and enterprises. Its products include eFront, a robust LMS platform for enterprises, TalentLMS, zero-overhead cloud LMS, and TalentCards, a mobile app for microlearning and micro-certifications within modern organizations.


Co-Founder & CEO : Ramesh Ramani
HQ: Santa Clara, CA

ExpertusONE is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) designed to change how learning resources are found, shared, tracked, collaborated, and retained. We’re transforming how learning happens, turning the applications people use every day into powerful learning experiences 


CEO : NageshSrini
HQ: Concord, CA

Ideaon is a among one of top elearning companies in usa. Ideaon offers a range of rapid eLearning solutions and custom elearning development services aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their employee training methods.

Infopro Learning

CEO: Sriraj Mallick
HQ: New York, NY

We transform human capital by creating engaging learning experiences that solve the most challenging business problems. Our leadership and organizational development services helps organizations survive change and creates a solid foundation for human capital transformation.


CEO: Claire Revell
HQ: Devon, UK

Intellek is a founding member of the learning technology industry who for over 3 decades has pioneered the development of cutting-edge learning technology for a large and diverse portfolio of international clientele. Despite the company’s success, Intellek is proud to be an intentionally intimate,female-led team of all creeds, cultures, and nations. A team passionately striving to close the gender pay gap and fight climate change one action at a time.

Learnsoft Technology Group

CEO: Robbie Abt
HQ: San Diego, CA

Learnsoft delivers a fully configurable, SaaS-based enterprise learning technology platform (LMS and TMS) to organizations in highly regulated industries.

LHT Learning

Founder & President: Dan Longhouse
HQ: Westerville, OH

At LHT Learning, we partner with you to build innovative, personalized learning solutions for your team so they can turn information into meaningful action.


CEO: Richard Chetwynd
HQ: San Ramon, CA

Software company SAP Litmos is re-inventing the concept of ‘online training’, transforming it into an enjoyable experience that is both interactive and fun. The SAP Litmos team focus on developing creative and usable ways to merge media-rich content with seamless online training delivery.


CEO: Rasmus Holst
HQ: Denmark

As the world transforms, so does the way we work, learn, and grow. LMS365 strives to place learning in the hands and hearts of our global customers, through the modern digital workplace.


International Development Manager: Anna Rimaud
HQ: New York, NY

Lyadis is a Digital Creation Agency that offers digital Learning, Motion Design & Video, Graphic Art, and Teaching Engineering. Lyadis specializes in digital training and expertly interweaves information technology, multimedia, graphic design, and pedagogy to create an immersive experience for every learner.

Open LMS

Managing Director: Phill Miller
HQ: Washington, US

Open LMS is an all-around eLearning solution provider that leverages open-source software to deliver an effective and engaging learning experience. As the largest commercial provider of eLearning hosting and support services for the open-source Moodle™ learning platform, we help organizations and institutions deliver great learning experiences without complexities. Previously

SHIFT eLearning

Operations Director: Juan Vidal
HQ: San Jose, Philippines

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CEO: Jeff Tarr
HQ: Nashua, NH

SkillSoft Public Limited Company provides e-learning and performance support solutions for enterprises, government, education, and small to medium-sized businesses worldwide. Its products include SkillChoice Multi-Modal Learning Solutions that provide resources to support formal training and informal performance support needs; SkillPort, a learning management platform that enables organizations to manage their e-learning programs; SkillSoft Dialogue, a virtual classroom platform designed for the assembly and delivery of live and on-demand learning sessions.

Thinking Cap

Founder: Bimal Shah
HQ: Toronto, Canada

Thinking Cap is a privately owned software development company specializing eLearning software. Thinking Cap supports many distinct learning activities. The company also have a system of equivalencies to track when different activities can substitute for one another in a curriculum.

Tribal Group

CEO: Mark Pickett
HQ: Bristol

Tribal is a global provider of products and services to the international education, training and learning markets. Working as one, they focus on helping customers to deliver excellence. Their extensive expertise and collaborative style have made us a trusted partner to their customers.  

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