Friday, December 1, 2023

In today’s time, technology has become a part and parcel of our lives. From smart TV, washing machines, laptops to smartphones, every one of us is accustomed to all types of gadgets powered by technology. In the same way, technology has its application in every field and especially in the education sector. It is not only being exploited in classrooms to make learning fun by making the classrooms interactive but also to provide a seamless education experience to both students and teachers. Some of the most trending advanced technologies make education easier, joyful, and accessible.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, governments and organizations worldwide are taking initiatives to support innovative projects, timely research, and knowledge sharing activities about the effective and appropriate use of information and communication technologies in education systems that are solely intended to strengthen learning.

Utilizing this opportunity in the industry, a variety of businesses are coming up with out-of-the-box technology solutions that are made to redefine the way modern education systems work. At this point, educational institutions, teachers, and other industry experts should choose the right solution that fits their unique requirements.

To make this process more streamlined our team of researchers, analyzers, and Enterprise View Point Magazine’s editorial team have shortlisted a set of companies that stand out from the crowd. The companies included in the list offer some of the most innovative as well as exclusive solutions that could create an impact in the education sector.

Bud Systems

Co- Founder: Heather Frankham

Bud is the brainchild of Heather Frankham and David Foster who, together, have over two decades of experience in training delivery. By combining the knowledge of industry experts with the brightest minds in software development, they’ve created the best training management platform available – Bud. They’ve also created a company that’s full of ambitious, enthusiastic individuals who are thriving in their teams.

Carnegie Learning

CEO: Barry Malkin
HQ:Pittsburgh, US

Carnegie Learning is a comprehensive, dynamic, and progressive learning technology company. Advocating a belief in teaching and determination to help students develop as learners and thinkers, Carnegie Learning is seeking to redefine the role of technology across the K-12 landscape. It delivers research-proven, high-quality core and supplemental solutions in math, world languages, ELA and literacy, computer science and biotech, as well as best-in-class K-12 professional learning services.


Co-Founder &CPO: Jim Spicuzza
Co- Founder & CTO: Songwei Ma
HQ: Clayton, MO

CrisisGo builds easy-to-use tools to empower people to take an active role in keeping themselves and others safe. The company started by putting emergency plans on mobile devices so people had their emergency plan with them. Its two-way, real-time emergency communication is changing how organizations communicate about daily incidents and emergencies. The alert and panic tools provide sound that breaks through the clutter of all your day-in and day-out messages.

Education Advanced

CEO: J. Eli Crow
HQ: Tyler, Texas

Education Advanced develops operations tools for education leaders. The centre of its focus is on the students who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the work. The team believe in empowering educators with time and cost-saving technology that will transform schools by enabling teachers and staff to focus more of their attention and resources on preparing students for a successful future.


CEO: Dmitriy Istomin
HQ: Berkeley, CA

Examus Inc. has developed an advanced AI proctoring solution that prevents cheating attempts during online exams as well as monitor and control students behaviour during the process. Examus enables universities to get verified results from online exams. Examus enables students to study and take exams remotely from anywhere in the world. The main aim of Examus is to improve the educational process and make it easy and affordable to for everyone to study remotely and receive verified trusted results.

Gutenberg Technology

President &CEO: GjergjDemiraj
HQ: Boston, MA

The company enable businesses to organize, transform and distribute their business knowledge chaos into stunning web and mobile apps, allowing teams to collaborate and execute faster than ever. Its content expertise spans employee on-boarding, training, certifications, sales playbooks, product guides, technical manuals, and more.


Founder & CEO: Quinn Taber
HQ: Irvine, CA

Immerse is a US-based fast-growing Ed-Tech start-up with a team of VR engineers and learning scientists who together built the first VR English language teaching platform. Immerse specializes in coming alongside directors at English language schools to help them design, develop, and deploy white label VR learning experiences for their students – in-person, remote, or both.

Stride K12

Founder: Ronald J. Packard
HQ: Herndon, VA

Currently Stride, K12 offers a personalized approach to education that removes barriers to learning and meets students where they are. The company manage public and private online schools and develop innovative curricula and technology to help students reach their full potential.

They recognize that teachers are at the centre of every student’s experience and are focused on recruiting and training inspired educators who have dedicated themselves to developing young and able minds.


CEO: PanosSiozos
HQ: Limassol, Cyprus

LearnWorlds is a powerful, easy-to-use and reliable training solution for individuals and enterprises. A fully customizable, white-label solution to train employees and associates, educate customers, or sell online courses to a wide audience. The company’s cloud-based e-learning platform offers Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Training Managers a solution tailored to their specific needs and a team of experts to help achieve goals.

Lightspeed Systems

President  & CEO: Brian Thomas
HQ: Austin, TX

Lightspeed Systems has provided smart solutions for school networks, working to make learning safe, mobile and easily managed. With its K12 school partners, the company have helped protect and engage more than 10 million students around the world. The team work diligently and intelligently as a team to create innovative solutions and better ways of doing things.

McGraw Hill

CEO: Simon Allen
HQ: New York, NY

McGraw Hill offers global support for educators and students. It is an American learning company and one of the “big three” educational publishers that provides customized educational content, software and other educational materials. The company’s vision is to unlock the full potential of each learner.


CEO: Paula Selvidge, Ph.D
HQ: Carlsbad, CA

A no-code application development platform that enables both IT professionals and business users to drag and drop to build web apps, workflow solutions and reports. The company empower organizations, large and small, to rapidly automate online forms and workflow processes.


Co-Founder & Co-CEO: Alex Peters
Co-Founder & Co-CEO: Rohan Mahimker
HQ: Oakville, Canada

Prodigy Education connects students, parents, teachers and school districts with resources that promote a lifelong love of learning. Anyone with an internet connection is welcome to create a free account for its renowned Math Game and try an effective and engaging math platform for grades 1 to 8. The company’s business model helps them connect with youth around the world, with over 100 million users now voluntarily practicing math every single day.

Rise Vision

Head of Product: Alan Clayton
HQ: Toronto, Canada

Rise Vision’s primary focus is education and the over 3,000 schools they currently serve. To deliver on its promise of making sure digital signage isn’t difficult, the company provide new Templates every week (over 325 of them so far) to keep a school’s displays current and engaging for little effort, and make sure they stay running with greater than 99% uptime.


CEO: Elad Inbar
HQ: San Francisco, CA

For over a decade, RobotLAB is dedicated to making robots smart and useful, supporting businesses and educational entities in their journey into the 21st-century user experience. As the leading educational-robotics company, RobotLAB is providing schools and universities with AI-LABs, equipped with robotics technologies, that empower educators and engage students with the most important skills for this generation-robotics, coding, and programming


Chairman: John Gibson
HQ: Bristol

At Sparkol, the team’s mission is to give everyone the tools to create captivating content quickly and easily, no matter their technical ability, design skills or budget. Its main software, VideoScribe, is used in over 160 countries. It enables thousands of businesses, marketers, illustrators, bloggers, sales people, video professionals and teachers to tell better stories, train others, explain complex subjects or make a splash on social media.


Co-Founder: Ian Bernstein
Co-Founder: AdamWilson
HQ: Boulder, Colorado

Sphero is transforming K-12 education with accessible tools that encourage exploration, imagination, and perseverance through STEAM and computer science. With the help of educators around the world, the team is empowering learners of all backgrounds and abilities to discover their interests and passions while equipping them with the skills they need to be the world’s future Changemakers.


Executive Chairman: Odeh Muhawesh
HQ: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Squigl is a powerful AI video creation software, designed to turn anyone into a content creator. The combination of audio and simple animated graphics allows users to produce video and course content that is easy to create and engages audiences to boost information retention.Organizations of all sizes use Squigl to improve the employee on boarding experience. With engaging videos, on boarding can focus on the key things team members need to know to hit the ground running.

Street Science

Founder: Steven Liddell
HQ: Brisbane, Australia

Street Science provides a range of professionally designed science workshops and stage shows that complement the Australian National Curriculum. Using a range of explosive and powerful demonstrations its45 minute stage show brings science to life, allowing consolidation of the themes and concepts taught through the year by your classroom teachers.

Watermark Insights

CEO: Erin Shy
HQ: Austin ,TX

At Watermark, insights inspire progress. Watermark’s software gives higher education institutions the insights they need to improve, evolve, and empower student success. Watermark’s integrated digital solutions support assessment and accreditation, faculty activity reporting, course evaluation and surveys, and catalogue and curriculum development for over 1,700 higher education institutions around the world.

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