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Even though technology has brought with it almost an immeasurable amount of benefits, it has also created one big problem. With so many different tech mediums at our disposal, it becomes a challenge to use each one of them to the best of its ability. Furthermore, the nonstop influx of technology also means, more often than not, we are left scrambling with the process of finding which one fits our purpose in the most productive way. Just because of this one great confusion, we see companies throwing their money to find specialists. However, there still remains a doubt over whether a correct decision has been made or not. This doubt is there for the right reasons. Even if a company is able to find the right fit of tech for their operations, the ever-changing nature of technology demands to be kept an eye on, so when there is a shift in trend, the whole process is re-initiated. So, in case you don’t keep up with all the modifications that come thick and fast here, you are setting yourself up for a massive financial hit, but keeping up is a costly affair too. For years, we have relied on traditional methods which, once put in place, could work for a long time. However, technology’s ability to stay flexible is also apparently its shortcoming. The innovators around the globe had mulled over this issue for a long time, but the emergence of SAP has solved the puzzle to a great extent. Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing, more popularly known as SAP, offer us a chance to combine our efforts on different fronts and create one robust methodology that harnesses the ability of all the essential tools we have right now. This creates a more collective effort to integrate technology into your systems. By eliminating what is largely a fragmented approach, SAP enhances the core value of what you are doing, thus making the whole undertaking a highly feasible business.

To make sure that this transformative piece of the creation is reaching maximum people, many companies are adding SAP solutions to their roster. Some of these companies are listed below:


CEO: Michael Le
HQ: Charlotte, NC

AdvantCo is known as a pioneer of SAP integration products. Founded back in 2007, the company has taken the lead and simplified the premise of SAP workflows by eliminating the need for coding, additional tool or platforms, and prerequisite knowledge. AdvantCo ensures seamless integration of its solutions with popular platforms like Salesforce, Kafka, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more.


CEO: Nirav Patel
HQ: Mountain View, CA

Serving customers since 1998, Bristlecone is one of the most trusted names when it comes to providing AI-powered application transformation services for your supply chain. The company’s unmatched ability and experience in delivering end-to-end SAP solutions across industrial, consumer, and technological domains has made it a global brand, with over 14 hubs currently active across the world.


CEO: Aiman Ezzat
HQ: Paris, France

For its 54 years of existence so far, Capgemini has piled its trade on the principle of using technology in collaboration with human efforts to deliver the best results. Clients from over 50 countries trust Capgemini to provide cutting-edge solutions in areas like cloud data, package-based solutions, business consulting, etc.


CEO: Matt Lovell
HQ: Nottingham, United Kingdom

Centiq has built its reputation by delivering well-crafted and customized SAP HANA solutions. The company also covers areas like de-risking, planning, deploying mitigating your current SAP setup. In their bid to simplify SAP HANA, Centiq has created their own platform called Optiq. The platform scours through over 15 million events everyday to form an informative basis for system optimization.


Founder & CEO: Sam Bayer
HQ: Raleigh, NC

Essentially a computer software company, Corevist specializes in providing advanced eCommerce solutions. Their roster of solutions ranges from B2B eCommerce, field sales portals, online payments, and online order tracking that are best compatible with systems running SAP ERP. By offering fully-cloud solutions with extensive ERP data, Corevist has streamlined the procedures and introduced a deeper understanding of your operations.

CSI tools

CEO: Johan Hermans
HQ: Flemish Brabant, Belgium

CSI tools provides dynamic analytics solutions that deliver intelligence from and to decisions taken in access governance for SAP environments. The CSI tools cockpit and engine provide insight into your real vulnerabilities, streamline SAP roles and delivers practical solutions to improve your risk/security posture, like automated role building and reverse engineering. In a nutshell, by transforming data into information, these tools allow you to adjust your risk and security strategies on demand.

Enable Global

Co-Founder & CEO: Andrew Butt
HQ: San Francisco, CA

For more than two decades now, Enable has been playing a crucial role in digitizing businesses across the board. The company boasts over 250 professionals who are well-equipped with expertise in fields that hold some level of association with business consulting and IT solutions. Enable currently has locations in Mexico, Spain, Peru, USA, and Chile.


CEO: Diego Cabezodo
HQ: Madrid, Spain

Gigas primarily deals in cloud hosting solutions. Gigas has been one of the most dedicated promoters of cloud technology. The company has facilitated its expansion by delivering utmost quality with services like cloud computing, IaaS, digital transformation, PaaS, Connectivity, and SAP cloud. Gigas currently operates on an international level, with offices situated in USA, Mexico, and Panama


Co-founder & CEO: Jigish Shah
HQ: San Jose, CA

Krypt was created with the core purpose of eliminating all the complications that often come as a part of the SAP business. The solutions offered by the company are highly concentrated on ensuring cost-efficiency from a general standpoint. Customers who have partnered with Krypt have seen a sizeable 10% to 40% savings over three years.

L&T Infotech

CEO: Sanjay Jalona
HQ: Mumbai, India

Founded in 1997, L&T Infotech has managed to take its impact in the digital transformation sphere to over 32 countries. The company uses its special Mosaic platform to enable mobile, social, analytics, IoT, and cloud journeys. Apart from that, the company’s areas of specialty include big data analytics, blockchain, and AI.

Logic Point

Founder, President & CEO: Nazir Ahmed
HQ: Perth, Western Australia

Logic Point still retains the lead it got after becoming one of the first few partners of SAP America in 2001. As of today, the company’s core operations include digitizing businesses by using SAP S/4HANA technology. Apart from that, Logic Point helps in extracting value from data by using it to trigger a more guided progression of your company.


Partner and President: Frank Powell
HQ: Franklin, WI

Managecore brings a more humanistic approach to the sphere of SAP-managed services. By looking at the long-term prospects, fostering transparency, and structuring its operations around what the client needs, the company sets an example for its competitors. Managecore’s unwavering focus on enhancing customer value has turned it into a name that is trusted and admired by the masses.


CEO: Ross Young
HQ: Columbia, MD

Movilitas is popular for delivering next-generation solutions, solutions that are designed to rework the supply chain framework and facilitate more seamless movement throughout the organization. With its prized product in Movilitas Cloud, the company ensures that clients are always in a position to discover routes to better efficiency and versatile revenue streams.


Co-founder: Daniel Kirchhubel
HQ: Walldorf, Germany

Parasus helps you in making intelligent decisions about your SAP purchases and procurement. It does so by factoring in important data which considers every possible candidate that can have a nature-altering impact on the final result. It must be noted that these factors can be different for different organizations, thus Parasus also makes sure that these solutions are tailored as per the exclusive needs.


CEO: Noel Fagan
HQ: Stamford, CT

Rizing brings the most in-shape SAP solutions to the fold by using their years of experience in the industry. The know-how company has gained helps them in carrying out tasks like Human Capital Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Consumer Industries Management. Rizing uses its SAP cloud platform to serve a number of clients from Fortune 500 companies.


Managing Director: Lovkesh Kapur
HQ: London, UK

SapienceS2P excels in delivering the latest cloud-based procurement available in the market, thus aiding your procuring methodologies and making them more value-driven and up-to-date with the times. The company also specializes in creating and deploying ERP solutions from SAP, SAP Ariba, SAP Ariba Snap, and SAP S/4 HANA. Furthermore, SapienceS2P’s source to pay feature adds a fresher dynamic to the cloud-tech picture.


President: Joseph Lasman
HQ: Woodland Hills, CA

Having started their journey over 20 years ago, Softengine is now one of the most reliable ERP and Business solutions providers. The company focuses largely on the North American region, where it helps the companies in SAP consultancy, putting forth just what the company needs to bolster their SAP efforts and achieve cloud efficiency across the board.


CEO: Thomas Regele
HQ: Radolfzell, Germany

On the basis of all its efforts across areas like e-business, CRM, SAP, and media, Sybit is now rightfully considered as one of the biggest names around the block. Deemed as one of the top 50 digital agencies, it’s safe to say that Sybit has come a long way. The company’s clientele includes Bosch, Daimler, Kuka, ARD, Geberit, and many more prestigious names.

Tek Analytics

CEO: Bharat Sunkari
HQ: Schaumburg, IL

Tek Analytics is one of the fastest-growing SAP Gold Partners. The company’s end-to-end information technology services have brought it a customer base that stretches through sectors like Finance, Communications & Media, Manufacturing & Retail, and Federal Trade Sectors. With an advanced model of highly responsive solutions in place, Tek Analytics looks likely to pave the way for everyone else.

Tidal Software

CEO: Rick McNees
HQ: Palo Alto, CA

Now acquired by Cisco, Tidal Software remains as one of the elite providers of enterprise workload automation solutions. These solutions are designed to help you structure your workflows effectively, thus keeping the systems’ operation smooth. Founded in 1979, Tidal Software has successfully created an identity that reflects its contributions towards the growth of the SAP revolution.

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